Leadership DNA

This training tool will stimulate your perceptions, thinking and behaviour and help you to develop your personal and collective leadership. Stimulating is a very proactive and sometimes uncomfortable experience. If you are going to be a great leader, you need to start with yourself. We will help to make these experiences stimulating in a safe and comfortable environment. 

The training session uses our board game method and requires teams to navigate the board, responding to a range of challenging questions and scenarios, ranging from global issues through to issues you face in your own organisation.  But every element of the programme is design for you to look inwardly and better understand how you lead and gain clarity on how you want to lead in the future.

By the end of your training session, you will have:

  • Space to reflect on personal and organisational leadership qualities.
  • Understand how to use different leadership skills and strategies to respond to different scenarios.
  • Formulated a plan to develop personal and organisational leadership skills.

News & Events

Rikem attends Women in Business Expo at Walsall FC June 20th 2014

Rikem are at St Albans Academy doing practice interviews June 27th June 2014

Students from Greenwood Academy are doing work placements with Rikem from 29th June – 4th July